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Guide to Montreal restaurants and sports bars

Montreal has plenty to offer when it comes to dining, nightlife, and sports bars. You can choose from different styles, cuisines, and venues, based on your preferences and budget.


Restaurants abound in Montreal, from cozy, inexpensive diners to top-of-the-range restaurants. Europea, for example, features delicious offerings such as pea gazpacho, lobster cappuccino with truffle puree, and stewed, pan-seared foie gras. Atma is a good place to check if you are looking for an ambient atmosphere and quality food and service. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, stop by to try pan fried shrimp, Punjabi curry, lamb tenderloin with onion, or lamb curry. Le Robin Square is the perfect place for a tasty lunch or dinner, especially if you are a budget traveler. The restaurant offers bistro and French cuisine. You can go visit Le Leman to try Swiss cuisine and fabulous meals. Service is friendly and meals are prepared using authentic recipes. If you want to try good homemade food in Montreal, visit Arepera for dinner, breakfast, or lunch, and you will love the atmosphere, service, and menu. Food is affordable and tasty, and you will truly enjoy it if you like Venezuelan cuisine and South American food, in general. Chez Chose is also a great place to visit, regardless of the season. They have a good wine list and offer salads and soups of the day, homemade blood pudding, stewed vegetables, venison slab steak, duck breast, and other tasty offerings.

Sports Bars

Montreal is a heaven for sports fans and has plenty to offer. With buzzing nightlife, there are many great clubs and bars for a night out, whether with colleagues or friends. You can go visit Bruno Sport Bar, Chez Serge, MVP Restaurant & Bar, or La Station Des Sports. If you are looking for a quiet place to have a drink or two or watch the FA Cup Final, there are awesome places in Montreal, from Canadian and American bars and clubs with a Montreal twist to places that ooze sports passion and play all kinds of sports games. Bars in Montreal offer quick service, a selection of local and import drinks, inexpensive food, parking, and a lot more for a great night out.

Cutting Your Restaurant Budget to Get out of Debt

Good financial discipline, budgeting, and planning are essential if you have multiple debts to repay. Truly, there are other ways to get rid of debt, including credit counseling, negotiation with creditors, debt consolidation, and filing for bankruptcy. Discipline is the key to a stable financial future, and good money management skills will help you stay out of trouble and debt. One way to pay your balances faster is to cut your coffee and restaurant bills and save more toward repayment.

Cutting Your Restaurant Budget

One way to go about it is to bring homemade food at work, be it a sandwich or meal. Whether you do this once in a while or every day, this is also a great way to make sure you eat healthy food. You can prepare restaurant type of food at home, and it will cost you a fraction of what you usually pay. Even coffee is much cheaper at home when you prepare it yourself. Make sure you stock up for major savings. Look for coupons, sales prices, and deals to save even more. It is important to buy only what you need or you will hike up your grocery bill. If you love dining out, then you can choose a budget restaurant to cut costs. Dining out is also a great way to reward yourself if you usually have dinner or lunch at home. And whether you are often out with friends or eat homemade food day in and day out, it is best to pay cash instead of using your credit card. This is especially true for cardholders who only pay the minimum and carry large balances each month. You will pay interest on your restaurant bills which can be an issue with a high-interest credit card. What you are trying to do is get rid of debt and not rack up more debt.

More Ways to Save and Repay Your Balances

To cut your bill even further, it is a good idea to avoid prepackaged and readymade foods because they usually carry a premium price tag. Regardless of what manufacturers say, they are often nutritionally unbalanced or empty of nutritional value and thus unhealthy. While buying rotisserie chicken saves you time, it is better to buy the ingredients and try cook it at home. The same goes for baked and frozen goods. The most obvious way to save on your grocery shopping is to compare stores and prices. Bring a notebook and calculator with you. This is the easiest way to find a store with the lowest average grocery prices. It pays to check with competitors, however, because they may have regular sales on certain products. Visit your local bakery as well. They usually sell much cheaper, and you will always have fresh bread that tastes better.

The 5 Best Credit Cards for Dining Out

The best cards for dining out in Canada include specialty products such as cashback, travel, and other rewards cards. They offer generous sign-up bonuses, no limit on the amount earned as cash back, more cash back during the promotional period, and a lot more. It is also a good idea to ask your provider about cards that offer points and other incentives on restaurant purchases.

American Express SimplyCash

This card will save you on annual fees because there are none. What is more, you also save on balance transfers with a zero interest rate. The issuer features attractive cashback incentives such as 1.25 percent on regular purchases, including restaurant purchases, and a hooping 5 percent on gas and at restaurants.

Gold American Express by Scotiabank

Another great option to save on dining out, Gold American Express allows users to accumulate points when dining out. You earn 4 points per $1 spent at different restaurants provided that you spent $50,000 during the first 12 months. Then you earn 1 point per $1. There are added benefits such as discounts on car rentals.

Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card

Another option that features dining out as a top earning category, this product by American Express also goes with no annual fee and interest of 19.95 percent on purchases. Customers accumulate at a rate of 2 percent on select categories, including dining out, home improvements, entertainment, furniture, and recurring bill payments, among others.

Scotia AmexGold

This card allows users to earn cashback at a rate of 4 percent per $1 on entertainment, dining out, grocery purchases, and gas. The issuer also offers the option to use accumulated points to pay for travel and bookings. In addition to quick approval, AmexGold goes with a grace period of 21 days and supplementary cards. The purchase interest rate is 19.99 percent.

BMO CashBack

BMO CashBack is yet another option to earn 4 percent on dining out but only during the promo period (the first 4 months). Nevertheless, the card offers plenty of added benefits such as car rental discounts, no annual fee, and quick approval.

As you can see, there are plenty of added benefits that go with cashback cards, and some even offer add-ons such as points that can be used toward travel arrangements, flight delay and travel insurance, competitive interest rates, and a lot more. Some premium and specialty cards go with annual fees but they are lower compared to other premium products. Free supplementary cards are an added bonus, especially if you use a single account for your household bills and spending. Finally, it is best to pick a card that allows you to redeem points in different ways - charity donations, merchandise and purchases, travel, statement credit, checks, direct deposit, etc. This will give you flexibility and peace of mind. Ask whether you are allowed to redeem the points you accumulated at any time.